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The first physical embodiment of a virtual cryptocurrency had been launched into Space.

служба токен брокер

The crypto-currency which dared such a feat was the Dukascoin: the first cryptocurrency ever issued by a regulated bank — Dukascopy Bank SA. With a speed of 5.

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Later that same day, the space capsule with 65 silver coins returned to Earth. The video report is available here.

служба токен брокер

Today, Dukascopy Bank is proud to announce that the silver Dukascoins which were launched into space and successfully returned to Earth are available for order. You can take a look at the photo gallery here.

служба токен брокер

The intrinsic value of the Silver Dukascoin lies in the fact that it is the physical proof of the bitcoin кошельки топ to receive the Gratification bonus under the conditions of the Silver Dukascoin Bonus Program.

Please read the conditions on the dedicated website www. These Dukascoins are minted from Fine Silver to memorialize a historical event which happened on February 28thwhen a regulated Swiss bank was the first Bank in служба токен брокер world to issue a cryptocurrency.

The Bank is offering the Silver Dukascoin while respecting the Reference price.

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Clients willing to buy the Silver Dukascoin of the SPACE series should have more than Dukascoins on their multi-currency account deposits included with Служба токен брокер Bank at the moment of the purchase request.

For the SKY series, there is no minimum required amount.

служба токен брокер

Transfer of the Silver Dukascoin from person to person will be reflected in the Public Register. Dukascopy Bank can offer a safekeeping service to the Silver Dukascoin owner who is a multi-currency account holder.

In case of transfer of ownership sale of such a coin to another multi-currency account holder, the Bank can secure the deal for both parties.

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Dukascopy Bank invites readers to get acquainted with details of the offer and complete the order form on www. The Служба токен брокер Dukascoin Set is available for order starting from now. The delivery of the set to clients will start in January, High-resolution images of the Silver Dukascoin Set and the video of the space launch are available in the Dukascoin media-kit.